At Onsite Engineering our work force and field service team has to their credit a whole years of wealth of experience to their resume and expertise. Onsite has delivered on all project she has executed using cutting edge technology within budget and acceptable time lead. We are committed to operational excellence collaborating and integrating our capabilities.

Engineering Procurement


Onsite provides specialist procurement service for pipes, fittings and accessories. We have a Buying House arrangement with Energy valves and supply company LLC, Houston, Texas and Javico Industries Mumbai, India.

For all your piping fitting, accessories and specialist requirements, be assured of our capability to deliver such request with budget and lead-time.

Hot Tapping, Line Stopping and Fittings


Onsite have the capability to provide Hot Tapping Service from 1/2″ – 6″ and from 8″ – 20″ with and qualified experienced team available in country. We also provide fittings for the Hot Tapping Operations

Onsite have aligned herself with reputable service providers in the UK and Middle East to provide Line Stopping Services from 2″ – 48″ including the provision of the fittings.

Composite Repair


We have signed up an agreement with Citadel Technology Inc, based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA to provide composite repair materials and services for corroding pipelines, tanks and vessels. Temperature up to 288 Deg. C can be handled by this repair method, ranging from Steam, gas, oil, chemicals.

Citadel Technology Inc, products are one of the finest in the industry and they are certified to ASME PCC-2 and ISO-TS 24817 standards.

Bolt Tensioning and Bolt Torquing


To ensure the integrity of your critical joints, you need to rely on ONSITE’s Bolt Tensioning and Torqueing Services. We provide experienced team and equipment for the tightening and loosening of your assets and facilities nuts and bolts, thereby ensuring that the right load is applied.

Under Pressure Leak Repair & Repair Clamps


Onsite provides specialist repair for your leaking Flanges, Elbows, Tees or Straight Pipes. You don’t need to shut down operation to effect repairs. Repairs can be carried out while operation is on. You maximize production while operating and your repair is undertaken.

Onsite has dedicated team to provide clamp design and fabrication locally thereby minimizing mobilization for repair.

Onsite has arrangements with reputable OEM companies to provide straight pipeline repair clamps fitted with specialized seals for between 2” – 48” pipeline and operating high pressure class of up to 2500.

Onsite have on the shelf straight pipeline clamps of sizes 2”- 8” for emergency repair purposes.

Onsite, In-Situ Machining and Cold Cutting


You can now repair your badly corroded Hubs, flanged, pumps, bedplate – Onsite and In Situ in your facility without having them decommissioned and shipped to a machine shop. We have portable In-Situ machines that can be mounted on your pipes spools, hubs, flanges, pumps etc and have them machined to the original tolerance of your equipment.

We can also have your pipes spool cut to your required specification without spark or flame.

Heat Exchanger, Air cooler and Condenser Plugging


Onsite have partnered with the EST Group B.V, a subsidiary of Curtiss Wright Flow Control Company USA to provide tooling and repair for leaking heat exchangers, air cooler and condensers. This is a specialized onsite, in-situ repair method for plugging the leaking tubes of heat exchangers, boilers and condensers, thereby preventing shutdown or hook- off of this valuable equipment for repair. Production is maximized as heat exchanger; air cooler and condensers are repaired online.