The success of Onsite Engineering has been founded on the ability to deliver Onsite, In-Situ mechanical engineering services solutions that improve the quality, safety and value of our customers’ activities.

Today, this pedigree is demonstrated through our skilled and professional personnel and exceptional professionalism we bring to bear in the execution of our projects. Our business is hinge on delivering the benefits of value mechanical engineering services, engineering procurement services and innovations to our esteemed customers.

As Onsite Engineering continues to develop the organizational structure through R&D, aiming at deploying our expertise’s and professionalism in our services, our future is assured by a commitment to operational excellence. This is the key to meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. Onsite Engineering Limited corporate philosophy includes the following:

  • Ensure that all our clients are satisfied
  • Provide an exceptional level of service
  • Produce creative and innovative solutions
  • Stay at the forefront of technology
  • Minimize risks to the environment
  • Stay current with international regulations
  • Challenge and motivate staff
  • Be cost effective